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Who Is Page Eleven?

Who Is Page Eleven?



Creating has always been a big part of my life. I grew up in a typical family of doers, where projects were always on the go and I was never discouraged to paint the walls or rearrange the furniture. As a child I would dream up something to make and convince someone to help me build it. I quickly discovered that I was, and still am, the most content when creating something.


During my fine arts degree, I stumbled on design. For me, it was the perfect balance between art and logic, satisfying my left-brain and right-brain desires. I loved the possibilities of the design industry – which seemed to be endless!


Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design and a post Graduate Diploma in Creative industries, I finally found my job title as an Interior Designer. Working in the Architectural industry for many years, I gained a wealth of experience and knowledge in the boutique residential, commercial and hospitality sectors. As my skills and passion for design matured, I once again craved a creative space of my own.


Page Eleven is a space to express what I love to do, which is ever-changing and always growing. Designing inspired Interiors, and creating beautiful objects for people like you, is what makes me come alive.



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